“Why Continue To Struggle Alone When I Can Take You By The Hand – To Answer Your Personal Questions And Show You How To Become A Successful, Full-Time Author?”
I’ll Help You Overcome the Obstacles Which Stop Even the Most Determined Authors From Succeeding – Plus You’ll Claim 5 Additional Gifts Including the “Viral FB Book Ad” And The “$500 NY Times Bestseller Launch” Just For Saying Maybe…

“Selling 500 copies/month of a $20 book…”
Jerry Brown, Author

With your help over the last 4 months we’ve already sold 2,000 books out of the 3,000 books in the initial print run and that’s despite the book being a difficult sell – It’s priced at $20/copy and it’s kind of a niche book.

And you know what, I had a feeling that would happen because after the first webinar I participated in, I knew I was in the right place…

You have exceeded our expectations in every way, it’s a pleasure to work with you. You always go the extra mile. You’re completely supportive. You solve problems on the spot. Your technical mastery of how to deal with technology is incredible and you’ve shown me tools that, without a doubt, work. And working with you continues to be a great experience.

Disclosure: It would be unreasonable to assume you’d achieve the same explosive growth as the Authors on this page because of their unique book premise, the category they operate in, their unique abilities and resources and their commitment to take action. But given the extremely low cost of the coaching won’t you be missing up on a great opportunity if you choose not to check it out?

From: Yoav Ezer

RE: Weekly Live Coaching and Private Facebook Group

Dear Friend:

If you’ve been looking for a way to get affordable direct contact and guidance from ME personally, please take a few moments to read through this short letter.

Because while it’s impossible for me to interact with thousands of purchasers and newsletter subscribers, there IS a way I can provide a direct-contact coaching program for a small number of authors at a reasonable price.

Here’s what’s included in the “Author Marketing Fast Track Club”…

Weekly Live Webinars Designed To Help You Sell A Lot More Copies Of Your Existing Books, Answer Your Questions and Launch New Books Successfully …

Yoav Ezer (AKA World’s Most Methodical Book Marketing Coach)

You can now tap into the experience Yoav gained helping hundreds of authors launch successful books with sustained sales…as well as in his experience as a CEO of a Multi-Million dollar software company (and his Army career)

If you are utterly overwhelmed by all the book marketing information found in blogs, books, training courses, etc. – you’re not alone…

There’s an extraordinary amount of practical data and strategic skills an author must acquire to become a successful book marketer…

And the learning curve IS STEEP. It can take years to master the information.

Unfortunately, the books you do publish will not get their time in the spotlight while you’re learning.  You simply must employ specific marketing strategies to break through the noise and shine on Amazon and beyond.

For this reason I’ve created the Author Marketing Fast Track Club… Its sole purpose is to show you how to select and use the most effective marketing strategies for your book at any given point.  And while you can learn these strategies from the AMFT self-study training product, choosing the right strategies to use at the right time and getting expert help at implementing them is crucial… and it requires personal input!

For example… If one of your main launch vehicles is a Facebook ad… and it’s your first time creating a Facebook Ad… wouldn’t it behoove you to get help from someone who’s created hundreds of them already?

Well… now you can, through our weekly webinars and private Facebook group…

  • We’ll Meet Once a Week for a 90 Minute Live-Group-Mentoring-Webinar Designed to Dramatically Increase Your Book Sales! And you’ll get the Webinar Recordings too. Can’t make the live event? No problem! Simply download the videos from the membership area. We make the recordings available for 90 days after each event. Plus…
  • Get Your Private Book Marketing Questions Answered Quickly in Our Private Facebook Group for Serious Authors (Only): The purpose of the weekly webinars above is to tackle the big issues—like planning your book launch, designing an audience building campaign or charting your path up the Amazon bestseller charts…

    But between webinars, the Facebook group is where you get all your OTHER book marketing questions answered quickly. And because both myself and my Master Author-Coaches monitor this group daily…if you don’t get a solid answer in a day or two, we will add it to the agenda for that week’s live call. This way, even if you can’t make it to the live call, you’re never more than a few days away from an expert answer. (99% of the time your questions will likely be answered within 24 hours, however.)

“Having a mentor is important …”
Patricia Loofbourrow, NYTimes & USA Today Bestselling Author

I’ve always felt marketing was a struggle so having a mentor is important … which is one of the main reasons why I like the way you have your group set up.

I was surprised to see how interactive the group was, how the people in the group were so willing to help each-other. And how you (Yoav) are so hands on.

You’re an excellent teacher. I really enjoy being in the group and I believe the group would be helpful for anyone. I think what you teach can be applied to any genre. Plus you’re always in the Facebook group, you’re on the calls for longer than you say you’re going to be. Where in other groups you can’t get a word in edgewise.

Some of The Issues I’ve Helped Club Members With Over The Last Month…

  • Picking the best book premise (out of two possible ones)
  • Creating a Facebook advertising campaign to sell a fantasy book which resulted in hundreds of sales and a cost/sale of less than $1
  • Launching a Facebook media outreach campaign – which landed the author an article on the Huffington Post and a guest spot on a morning talk show with 300,000 listeners (for less than $40)
  • Getting a member’s book publisher to pay for their advertising!
  • Set up a Media page/Press Kit on one of the members websites
  • Helped an author plan her detailed launch schedule
  • Set up an Amazon Marketing Services campaign that doubled sales for one of the authors
  • And much, much more…

The beauty of this process is you not only get help with your own challenges … but you also get to watch as I help other authors overcome obstacles and create successful marketing campaigns and quite often you can apply insights you glean from these interactions to your own publishing endeavors.

Plus You Get Access To The “Webinar Recording Vault” and the “Book Marketing Lab” …

The “Webinar Recording Vault” holds more than 100 hours of the best webinars I’ve held in the past…

This is probably the most valuable resource in the world if you want to immerse yourself in book marketing knowledge.

Every single one of these webinars contains real world case studies where you get to watch me (and the other authors in the group) help a member overcome their obstacles and make great strides in their author career.

The “Book marketing lab” is comprised of the most courageous authors in the group, together with those authors I test new marketing technologies and ideas. Some of these ideas succeed brilliantly and some fail. But you get to see all these experiments and learn from the successful ones on the webinar recordings.

And the great thing is… you don’t have to join these experiments (unless you want to). There’s more than enough tested marketing strategies you can use. But you do get to watch as we conduct these yummy experiments.

“Self-publishing or working with a publishing company?”
Alice Sullivan, Editor and Ghost Writer Worked on nearly 1,200 titles including 11 New York Times best-sellers

I would absolutely recommend this training to my authors because most of the authors that I have are either self-publishing or working with publishing companies that still require them to do a lot of their own work.

I can only help my authors so much…I can help them write their book and share their message… but I am not an authority on the rest of this… and you clearly are!

You Also Get 5 Incredible Gift Just for Giving The
Author Marketing Fast Track Club A Try…

You might not know me well enough yet…

And so perhaps you don’t trust me. That would be perfectly natural, so …

I’ve decided to make it 100% RISK FREE for you to test the club:

  • You can cancel your subscription at any time.
  • You can even get a full refund during your first 30 days of membership.
  • All you have to do to cancel your membership (or get a refund) is send us a cancellation/refund message here. No need to login. No need to call us on the phone. One message it all it takes.
  • Plus … because I’m 99% positive you’re going to love the club, I’ve prepared a small incentive – 5 incredible gifts – which you can download and keep, even if you decide you’d like to cancel your membership and/or get a refund…

    These are the 5 best book promotion case studies I’ve come across in years! Just implementing one of them can easily take your sales to the next level…

Gift #1 – The Viral Facebook Book Promotion Ad

This ad was a real beauty. It ran for just a week, but in that short time it received 60,000 views, 4300 interactions, a quality score of 10/10, 1200 likes, over 100 comments and almost 1200 link clicks to the Amazon Book page.

We’ve deconstructed the ad to show you exactly:

  • The audience we targeted with the ad
  • The image we used to spark such a powerful response
  • The role of likes and comments in creating a viral Facebook ad
  • The post text, title and description of the ad that resulted in this much interaction and traffic
  • How we linked to the Amazon book page from within the ad text
  • And more…

Gift #2 – Becoming a NY Times/USA Today Bestselling Author With a Designed $500 Campaign

I wish this campaign was my idea because it’s a brilliant one. But sadly it isn’t…

One of the members in our group generously shared the technique with us. It’s a brilliant way to team up with a group of authors and run a campaign to turn yourself into a bestselling USA Today author (even—with some luck—a NY Times bestselling author!)

Here are some of the secrets she revealed:

  • How to create a book offer so appealing it sold 11,000+ copies in just a few weeks.
  • The single most important thing you must do in order for all the sales to be reported on the same week to the Neilsen Bookscan index. (OK, I’ll tell you this one right now.  You’ve got to sell more than 9,000 copies in a single week… but many authors spread those sales out over too much time and miss this critical opportunity)
  • Which type of advertising pushed their book over the edge into the top 100 Amazon bestseller list…
  • How they spread out the advertising over time to ensure their sales stayed strong and consistent…
  • Their actual launch week plan…
  • How they constructed the book website.
  • And much more…

Gift #3 – How to Find Hungry Audiences
That Will Eagerly Buy And Read Your Book

Most authors have a very specific idea of who would like their book. And very often that original group only covers 5%-20% of the available market, leaving 80%-95% of the market untapped.

What’s even better is almost all authors in a particular genre almost always target the same audience. This means that original 5%-20% piece of the market is also fiercely more competitive.

Fortunately for us, Facebook created a tool called ‘Audience Insights’ which uncovers those ‘untapped’ audiences.  By using this tool you can expand your reach by as much as ten times and at the same time your cost to reach these audiences can drop by 50% or more.

Now, if you’re serious about using Facebook to sell your book, this is a must have case study for you.

In it you’ll discover:

  • How I’ve helped one author expand his potential audience from just 250,000 to over 2,000,000 people in the US alone
  • How to know whether these new audiences are a good enough match for your book…
  • The ‘Endorsement’ technique to make your ads as much as 5 times more profitable.
  • And more…

Gift #4 – Writing a Winning Book

This is actually the biggest question of them all…

Is the idea your book is based on any good from a marketing perspective?   I mean, it might be a brilliant novel… but that’s a TOTALLY SEPARATE thing from being able to compete and win it its category.

Will the book’s premise stop readers in their track and compel them to purchase a copy?

In this case study you’ll see how I help an author figure out the whether her book idea had merit…

  • First we determined WHY readers buy the bestselling books in her category…
  • Then we verified our assumptions using the tools Google provides to find out if people were actually searching for similar types of books…
  • We even analyzed the search volume and search results within Amazon to be absolutely certain people were searching for books on her specific topic…

By the end of our 30 minute research the author was MUCH more confident she had a winning book idea …

And YOU will be too if you implement the techniques we outlined in this case study.

Gift #5 – One Hour to a Brilliant Book Title!

Let me ask you a question.  Would you like to excite your readers or would you prefer to bore them to death?  Would you like to create a sense of intrigue or would you rather your readers remained indifferent?

Your title has a DRAMATIC impact on your potential readers… but most authors create their titles on a whim.

In this case study you’ll see how I help one author come up with a compelling title to stand out significantly from the competition…so his prospects could make a bee-line for the 1-click buy button!

  • We figured out exactly what his target audience wanted
  • What emotions drive them
  • And formulated an incredibly appealing 4-word title.

You’ll Get IMMEDIATE Access to All 5 Gifts Above
Just for Trying Out the Author Marketing Fast Track Club…

Authors have a tougher job than other entrepreneurs…

When a fashion designer makes a website design error, he can fix that error, send a new batch of customers to his site and become profitable overnight.

But when an author makes a marketing mistake it takes a much bigger effort to correct it.

It can be done…

But it’s not easy.

That’s why having a trusted coach by your side to help you launch your books, promote them and even resurrect botched launces is crucial.

What I’m suggesting is that you let ME help save you from dozens of money-sucking-black-hole marketing mistakes most authors make as they stumble their way to success (or failure!)

Now, I know I have to earn your trust…

But I’m positive I can exceed your expectations. I firmly believe if you do what I suggest in the AMFT Insiders club, we can take your book sales to a whole new level…

I’m also confident you’ll tremendously enjoy your time in the club!

That’s why I’ve put together these bonus gifts, so you can taste what a membership in the club is like immediately after you join.

These five free bonuses are yours to keep – even if you decide (heaven forbid) to cancel your membership on day one.

“Extraordinary level of care that you’re providing, especially considering what you are charging for it …”
Naomi Kuttner, Author

I’ve followed your launch plan and during launch week we’ve sold just over 400 copies and we’ve been selling around 10 books/day ever since…

Another thing that impressed me was how much time you take working with authors each week on the webinars. It’s an extraordinary level of care that you’re providing, especially considering what you are charging for it.

Why Are You Providing All This For Less Than $1/Day?

I know my competitors are charging 10 times more for much less…

But I have a ‘secret’ agenda which I’m going to share with you now…

I’m in the process of building a different type of publishing company. One that puts tremendous marketing power behind every house author. I literally want every book we publish to become a NY Times/USA Today bestseller. And I want our books to stay on those lists for a very long time.

To achieve that I need to work with authors who do two things:

  • Write fantastic books
  • Understand book marketing

And to do that, I need to nurture relationships with as many authors as I can …

So I can find authors that I also enjoy working with.

And for that reason… I’m lowering the price of the club as much as possible so every author, no matter their situation, can afford it.

And That Is Why You Also Get A Full 30 Day
100% Money Back Guarantee

By the same token, I don’t want to work with anyone who isn’t 100% ecstatic about the guidance I’m giving or the quality of the monthly newsletter…

My relationship with you my #1 reason for running this club.

I would much rather preserve my relation with a great author than squabble over less than $30.

This is why even though I was extremely busy last year, I only missed one weekly webinar (due to a truly debilitating case of the flu). And held the webinars on the day after Christmas and on New Year’s even though I knew only a handful of authors would show up.

It’s why I spend a LOT of time thinking about my authors, often posting ideas and suggestions for them in the Facebook group between weekly webinars.

And it’s why I’ll gladly give out refunds to anyone who isn’t happy with what they are getting in any shape of form. Even if they just feel like the expense is too much for them.

So all you have to do is send a refund request through our contact form. And I’ll issue you a swift and courteous refund. No questions asked.

Here’s How to Get Your Own Book Marketing Coach

Here’s what you get each month:

  • 4-5 Weekly Live-Group-Coaching-Webinars designed to dramatically increase your book sales!
  • Access to my private Facebook group where you can get your questions quickly answered by me (and the other group members).

As well as immediate access to 5 incredible gifts you can download and keep just for giving the Author Marketing Fast Track Club a try…

Your Book Marketing Coach,

Full Disclosure: It would be unreasonable to assume you’d achieve the same explosive growth as the Authors on this page because of their unique book premise, the category they operate in, their unique abilities and resources and their commitment to take action. But given the extremely low cost of the club and the extraordinary amount of knowledge and personal support it provides for you, won’t you be missing up on a great opportunity if you choose not to join?