I can help them write their book and share their message… but I am not an authority on the rest of this… and you clearly are!

Alice Sullivan,
Editor and Ghost Writer
(Worked on nearly 1,200 titles
including 11 New York Times best-sellers)

Yoav developed such talent and knowledge with specific regards to book marketing that even with my background selling more than $30,000,000 in marketing consulting…I couldn’t hold a candle to his plans and insights […] If you’ve got even the smallest opportunity to work with him I highly recommend you grab it before it’s gone… you won’t be disappointed!

Dr. Glenn Livingston

this isn’t the first time I’ve seen something like this and mostly they sell the idea of making a million dollars overnight instead of dealing with the difficult issue that you’ve dealt with of how to stand out in the market place and actually create something that sells.

Chris Garrett
Chief Digital Officer at
Copyblogger Media
(Co-Author of ProBlogger:
Secrets for Blogging
Your Way to a Six-Figure Income)

I’ve learned how to think strategically about Amazon – I know that most authors understand the pivotal role Amazon has in the book marketing world, but I don’t think many authors understand how to approach Amazon in a strategic way.

Professor Dan Breznitz
Munk Chair of Innovation
Studies,University of
Toronto (Dan is the
author or coauthor of
several books on
innovation-based growth.)

Becoming The Book Marketing Fight-Club Champion

​I can’t sugarcoat it… Book marketing often feels like a fight. You make a move… and the market pushes back. You spend all your energy, time and efforts… and yet you can’t seem to get the market to accept you, to recognize you. It feels like the competition is overpowering...

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Getting Your Book Noticed Among Millions of Books on Amazon

One of my favorite movie lines is from the “Untouchables” where Sean Connery catches an assassin holding a knife in his house… Mr Connery points a shotgun at him and says… “Well, well… isn’t that just like a goon?” “Brings a knife to a gun fight” If you say that...

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How to build a massive audience when you’re an unknown author

To become a giant, you must learn from giants. So today let’s take a look at one of the go-to techniques used by huge companies such as Kraft, Procter & Gamble and Unilever when launching new products: The ‘sample giveaway’… Grocery stores love it because they get shoppers excited. Shoppers...

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Innovation and Book Marketing – It Tickled Me Pink!

​Recently our ‘Author Marketing Fast Track’ training received praise from high up in the Ivory Tower… Professor Dan Breznitz, Co-Director of the Innovation Policy Lab and Munk Chair of Innovation Studies at the University of Toronto, wrote this… “At first, I wasn’t sure this training could help me personally… However, after...

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Book covers that tell a story… and lure readers in

​On our last coaching call, one of the club members asked for feedback on her book cover… We discussed… Fonts Colors Layout And these are all important. But the most interesting technique we discussed was the ‘thematic apperception test’. Here is how it works… You show the picture or illustration...

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The SLOW and LONG way to make your book a best seller

​The publishing marketplace is one of the toughest places in the world. Scary, too. This is how Troy, one of my subscribers, describes it… “Surgical banner ads waste money. Podcasts waste time. Giveaways go un-given. Facebook ads generate nothing. Blog reviews…meh. Big time bloggers toss you in the slush pile. Publishers pay for...

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