Mr. Yoav Ezer has personally trained over 8,000 Authors, Marketers, and other professionals…

Serves on the Board of the International Coach Certification Alliance.

And now you can get his personal help without paying his six figure consulting fees!


If you’re tired of struggling through the painful marketing maze to make more profit from your book (or even to earn your first $100), I have a question for you today:

“How Much Would It Be Worth To
Get My Personal Attention
To Sell More Books,
Build A Fan-Base And
Become A Well-Known Author?”


“Self-publishing or working with a publishing company?”

Alice Sullivan, Editor and Ghost Writer (Nashville, TN)

Worked on nearly 1,200 titles including 11 New York Times best-sellers

I would absolutely recommend this to my authors because most of the authors that I have are either self-publishing or working with publishing companies that still require them to do a lot of their own work.

I can only help my authors so much…I can help them write their book and share their message… but I am not an authority on the rest of this… and you clearly are!

This will be a short letter because it’s truly a no-brainer decision. Here’s why…

For the first time ever, I’m now personally leading interactive weekly webinars and a private Facebook group to help dramatically increase your book sales. And, if you act today, you can lock in the introduction rate of…

Only $27.95 Per Month
Lock In Your Rate Forever, Today!
(You Can Cancel Anytime)

Here’s what’s included in the ‘Author Marketing Fast Track Club’:

Personal Help – Get Clarity, A Personal Marketing Roadmap and Ongoing Help

  • We’ll Meet Once a Week in a 60-90 Minute Live-Group-Mentoring-Webinar Designed to Dramatically Increase Your Book Sales! And you’ll get the Webinar Recordings too. Can’t make the live event? No problem! Simply download the videos from the membership area. We make the recordings available for 90 days after each event. Plus…
  • Get Your Private Book Marketing Questions Answered Quickly in Our Private Facebook Group for Serious Authors (Only): The purpose of the weekly webinars above is to tackle the big issues—like planning your book launch, designing an audience building campaign or charting your path up the Amazon bestseller charts…

    But between webinars, the Facebook group is where you get all your OTHER book marketing questions answered quickly. And because both myself and my Master Author-Coaches monitor this group daily…if you don’t get a solid answer in a day or two, we will add it to the agenda for that week’s live call. This way, even if you can’t make it to the live call, you’re never more than a few days away from an expert answer. (99% of the time your questions will likely be answered within 24 hours, however.)

Our Comprehensive Book Marketing Training (Worth $297)…

Apart from access to the coaching club, as a member, you’ll get access to our comprehensive online training program.

The Author Marketing Fast Track training program covers all the crucial elements of book marketing including:

  • How to Quickly Create a very large and engaged fan base– In this part of the training you’ll discover how to quickly create an engaged fan base that’ll buy your books and help you spread the word (even—or perhaps especially—if you’re a totally unknown author!)

    You’ll also discover how to access your Amazon book buyers, nurture them with email, and turn them into raving fans…despite the fact Amazon flat out refuses to share ANY identifying information about them!!

  • Harnessing the Power of the Amazon “Sales Machine” – Amazon is the biggest book promotion site by a VERY WIDE MARGINE. Every day more than a 100,000,000 book buyers visit the Amazon store and more than a 1,000,000 eBooks are sold.

    But in order to tap into that stream of credit-card-in-hand book buyers, you need to list your book in the right categories and thoroughly optimize your keyword selection. This part of the training will show you how to find the keywords and categories with dramatically less competition in just a few hours…and still drive a massive amount of visitors (and sales) to your book page.

  • Creating a review generation machine Reviews are extremely important when it comes to book sales. The difference between having no reviews and having dozens or even hundreds of reviews is staggering.

    Just having a handful of positive reviews will increase conversion rate by 30%. And having 50+ reviews can bring up your conversion rate up to 8% (which means that one of a dozen visitors to your book page will actually buy your book).

    But getting reviews is getting more and more difficult since Amazon has been cracking down on the ‘review buying’ and the ‘family and friends reviews’ practices.

    So we designed this part of the training to show you how you can set up a simple system to help you generate dramatically more reviews than your competition.

    It’s 100% legit. You don’t EVER have to worry about Amazon finding out about it, because they might actually like you MORE if they do!

    Using this technique you’ll eventually gather SO many reviews, becoming a recognized leader in your genre is virtually inevitable.

  • Etc.

Templates, Emails Scripts and more…

What do you write to an Amazon Top-1000 reviewer to get her to review your book?

How do you engage your fan-base to make them buy your book WITHOUT annoying the living daylights out of them?

Which exact words would convince readers in your genre who’ve never heard of you to join your mailing list?

That’s where our tested and proven, fill-in-the-blank templates and scripts come in.

For every technique I teach (whether it’s in the coaching calls or the online training) I provide tested templates and email scripts that will save you 95% of the work.

And when you use the ‘right words’ you get results…

The first response came within a couple of hours

Anne Weatherill, Co-Author

“The Blades Carry Me”

Today we sent out emails to eight specifically chosen Amazon top reviewers asking if they would like to receive a copy of our book to review. The first response came within a couple of hours telling us where to send the book and thanking us for commenting on his reviews.

And Book Promotion Opportunities…

  • Network with authors in your genre: Since all the members in the group are authors actively building their mailing lists, this forum is one of the best places in the world to find ‘Joint Venture’ partners to help promote your books. And we support this process by hosting periodic networking sessions where authors who want to promote their book (and promote other authors too) can connect to find cross-promotional opportunities.
  • PROMOTIONAL BROADCAST SERVICE: Here’s the best part! Since we record the live webinars (above) … whenever we hold a networking event, we’ll broadcast the webinar to the entire Author Marketing Fast Track buyers list. That way you get much more opportunities to JV with other authors!

    And because I’m a well-connected person who tends to attract a powerful crowd, it’s entirely possible your JV presentation will be heard by otherwise-heavily-guarded power players. (They see it as an opportunity to review JV deals without obligation to personally respond unless they’re really interested).

Author Marketing Fast Track Insiders Club

(Cancel any time at

I have read and agree to the Disclaimer and Terms of Use AgreementFull Testimonial and Typical Results Disclosure, and the Privacy Policy. I understand today’s immediate access payment is just $27.95, and that thereafter I will pay only $27.95 each month for continued access until cancelled. I know only a web browser and an internet connection is required to participate in the live events. I also know I’ll be able to download the Video recordings of each live event from the membership area. Last, I understand no income claims, warrants, or guarantees are made regarding my participation in this program.

“Within a few days we had 1,200 people opting in…”

Sharon Livingston, Author

“Get Lost Girlfriend”

When we started the audience building campaign, I wasn’t sure. I had never done this before and because I was starting at ground zero anything could have happened.

However… It was exhilarating to see the list of opt-ins grow. Within a few days we had 1200 people opt in. Almost 900 of them were double opt-ins.

I loved creating the eye catching landing page that I was proud to share with people. It fit my style and was a great intro for people to get to know me, my books and offerings.

I now have confidence that it’s possible to get people to engage and get a substantial number of folks to sign up to your mailing list.

I definitely recommend this service. Yoav is delightful to work with – brains, creativity, endurance and great hand holding.

Here’s Why This is a Ridiculously Good Value:

I first learned to build training systems in a live-or-die environment where (literally) 100% of my students HAD TO succeed!

I was an instructor in the army … and failure was NEVER an option when I coached a soldier on a critical mission.

Plus… I’ve probably trained and coached more people than any other coach you’ve met! During and after my service I’ve personally trained and coached more than 8,000 professionals, including authors, marketers, and other professionals like programmers, systems analysts, and computer operators (which proved invaluable in my efforts to reverse engineer Amazon’s ranking system!)

And then I became a ‘Coaching Captain’ …

You see…

I loved coaching and training so much I made it my sole purpose in life, and have learned more about coaching and training than all my army buddies:

  • While only a Sergeant I was entrusted with teaching and managing a 9-week long systems analysis training for 40 high-ranking officers… including a 2-Star general!
  • I was often assigned to different army units to advise and coach their teams in creating complicated systems…
  • After just 3½ years of service I was promoted to section chief and put in-command of 12 Training Officers and NCOs.

Which means I’m not some bozo who took an internet course and decided I could teach authors how to market their book on Amazon…

I’m a proven, credentialed expert in both coaching and training.

I don’t tell you this to impress you, but rather to impress upon you why this training can work for you where others have failed. The training systems, supervision, and live coaching you’ll get from both myself and my “Colonels” is head and shoulders above anything you’ve experienced elsewhere on the internet… I promise.

I also have more than a dozen years experience in marketing…

After leaving the army, I continued teaching and coaching.

But I decided that I needed “real world” experience, so—along with a friend—I started a software company which quickly grew to 15 employees and sold more than $5,000,000… mostly on the internet.

And because of my systems and coaching expertise, the company quickly reached a point it could function without me.

This is my vision for you, to create a source of income that functions entirely without your involvement… so you can choose to take a 3 month vacation in Hawaii, knowing you’ll return to MORE money in your bank account and a business full of happy, well serviced customers

Anyway, at this point I decided it was time to go back to my one true love – teaching and coaching…

I sold my share and partnered with Dr. Glenn Livingston – a well-known and highly respected internet marketing and coaching authority.

I joined his ‘International Coaching Alliance’ as a director and worked with him in creating a specialized marketing training program that catered in part to authors.

That’s when I fell in love with the author marketing space and decided to create this program.

  • Over the last couple of years, I’ve helped hundreds of authors.
  • I’ve analyzed the marketing architecture of hundreds of books in dozens of different genres.  As a result, I know what works–and what wastes your valuable time–in today’s book world…
  • I bring the money-making disciplines of marketing, psychology, research, competitive intelligence, and statistics to bear on your market.  It’s a unique power your competitors can’t match…
  • Most importantly, I’ll tell you if I think you’re barking up the wrong tree.  Even if it means making you RUN for the door. 
    • IMPORTANT NOTE: People often DO fire me as a coach when I tell them the truth. But that’s okay. It’s much better than watching them waste time and money on easily prevented wrong turns! There are a lot of broken-hearted-dreams out there. Most could’ve been prevented if someone had the guts to speak up sooner. (I wish someone would’ve stopped ME when I made a few ‘choice mistakes’ that ended up costing me upwards of $300,000 of my own money)…
  • And Finally… I’ve found the two missing ingredients necessary for book marketing success: (1) a tested and proven, easy to follow system which turns your book into a consistent long-term seller and; (2) the required motivation to follow that system. (Virtually no other author-coach knows how to instill this in you!)

So! If you’re readying this letter, you already have access to the ‘Author Marketing Fast Track System’…

Now all that’s required is the right motivation…

Here’s How I’ll Motivate You to Do
Everything Necessary to Become a
Successful, Well-Known Author in Your Field
(This is my secret “coaching sauce”)

This is a short story from my army days, but it’s by far the most important part of this letter, so please bear with me for just a little bit…

You see, back in my ‘section chief’ days, when I supervised dozens of courses simultaneously, I made sure I had a weekly lesson scheduled in each of them.

The subject of the lesson was – Patriotism!

I stood in front of a class of 18 year old babies, who were still obsessed with parties, video games and girls (or boys) and lectured them about what it meant to be a patriot.

And how they had a key role in protecting their country.

Even though they were “only” combat-support personal.

They still had a massive role in protecting their country and in the success of their brothers on the front-lines…

“If a supply line fails … soldiers will find themselves without food or ammunition in the middle of battle…

If a piece of ‘intel’ is not collected or if it’s not properly analyzed, those troops could march directly into an ambush and get slaughtered…

You should see yourself as if you are on the front lines with them…

Every action you take…

Every system you build and operate…

Is critical!

It’s not just a box of ammo that goes from ‘Warehouse A’ to ‘Convoy B’…

It’s the success of the mission, the lives of your brothers and the security of this country!”

For the first couple of weeks I would get blank stares.

Those kids couldn’t cope with the idea they had such an immense responsibility.

But as the weeks went by, you could see a dramatic shift in attitude. From being annoyed with the burden of training and the loss of personal time and freedom… to having a burning look of dedication in their eyes.

They understood their responsibility and accepted it … and it lit a fire under them!

That is why the average score on my courses was consistently 7 points higher than all the other section chiefs…

And why I was consistently voted to be among the top 3 instructors in my unit – for years… even though I was way tougher than the other instructors and not nearly as good looking as some of them.

The biggest contributing factor to my success as an instructor and coach is how I helped my students connect to their inner-purpose on both an emotional and on an intellectual level.

And it might sound corny, but if you choose to work with me… I WILL do that for you!

This is why I love working with authors…

Authors start out with a purpose to help people and solve problems. The purpose is already there, and it’s almost always extremely worthwhile.

My job as a coach is to show you the quickest way to succeed in doing this…

To help you share your experience so you can spare others the pain you went through in solving a problem yourself…

And to flame that ‘purpose’ into a fire that will drive you past ANY obstacle!

When the ‘fire’ of purpose is burning in you… not only will it be easier for you to do the work required to be successful…

But it’ll also be fun.

And you’ll do WHATEVER it takes to succeed.

And, my friend, when you do the required work… the money is almost a foregone conclusion.

How To Get Started Today

1. Make your first payment using any of the “Buy Now” buttons on this page. (You’ll be re-billed every 30 days for the same amount. Remember, you can cancel any time.)

2. Join the Facebook Group and get your questions answered right away – You’ll also want to take note of the next webinar time, date, URL, and password. (You can always log in again to get them, but it’s a good idea to mark your calendar). 

3. You can submit your book to get on the discussion list right away. Or, you can wait to get a sense of how things work first.  You might want to watch a couple of the webinar recordings to get some insights into your own book marketing.  You might want to participate in other people’s book discussions for a while first.  It’s totally up to you.

4. Please note: I DO encourage repeat book submissions. After you’ve implemented the changes we suggested during your first discussion, come back and ask for another one.  Get a third after you’ve implemented those.  I encourage you to keep coming back to get help, just as long as you actually DO implement at least some of what was suggested between discussions. (Note: There’s usually some casual question and answer time after the formal discussions in each meeting. You can always bring up your site for a “quick look” during Q&A without losing your place in line for the full review)

Actually Create Something that Sells…

Chris Garrett, Chief Digital Officer at CopyBlogger Media

Co-Author of ProBlogger: Secrets for Blogging Your Way to Six Figure Income

I’ve been through a few different programs that people have sent me wanting me to be an affiliate, so this isn’t the first time I’ve seen something like this and mostly they sell the idea of making a million dollars overnight instead of dealing with the difficult issue that you’ve dealt with of how to stand out in the market place and actually create something that sells.

But There Are Three Very Important
Things to Know Before You Get Started

First, I promise to give you the full force of my expertise and attention. But I can’t guarantee your success because it’s related to many factors beyond my control…

Second, there’s only one rule for the live sessions: BE CONSTRUCTIVE WITH YOUR FEEDBACK TO OTHERS.  That doesn’t mean to be wimpy.  It’s much better for people to hear the truth from us than to lose a lot of time and money on books that don’t sell.  But there’s a difference between serious, constructive criticism and just being mean.  “Say what you mean, but don’t say it mean.”  Know what I mean?

Last, I can’t work with authors that advocate bigotry, racism, abuse or hate of any kind. I hope you’ll understand.

See You There OK?

Onwards and Upwards!

Author Marketing Fast Track Insiders Club

(Cancel any time at

I have read and agree to the Disclaimer and Terms of Use AgreementFull Testimonial and Typical Results Disclosure, and the Privacy Policy. I understand today’s immediate access payment is just $27.95, and that thereafter I will pay only $27.95 each month for continued access until cancelled. I know only a web browser and an internet connection is required to participate in the live events. I also know I’ll be able to download the Video recordings of each live event from the membership area. Last, I understand no income claims, warrants, or guarantees are made regarding my participation in this program.

PS – If you’re making too much money from your book—or feel you’ve already got too big an audience—there’s really NO reason for to join.  But for the rest of us, don’t you owe it to yourself to Join The Club?

PPS – Here’s why I charge a mere $27.95 a month while my competitors charge as much as 5x more:

  • On a purely selfish level, the math actually works better.  People stick around a lot longer when the price is right.  Plus, no matter how much I might urge, only a small percentage of members actually show up live to interact with me.  So I actually make a very good hourly rate. Join The Club Now!
  • I have other more advanced programs, one-on-one-coaching and high end courses for sale.  I’m betting once you get to know my work, you won’t be able to resist.  But there’s NO obligation. Join the Club Now!
  • I get a lot of satisfaction from seeing people “make it”.  I spent a lot of years selling software and services that were very helpful, but didn’t make a significant change in the lives of the people I worked with.  Even when they paid a fortune for it. (I once sold 40,000 copies of one of my company’s software tools to one of the top financial companies. Those licenses saved millions of dollars each year – But I didn’t get even one “thank you” from any of the 40,000 users. That was the crowning achievement of my tech-days and it wasn’t acknowledged at all!)  So it does my heart good to price the club low enough that “the little guy” can afford it.  Even if I never make a lot of money from the club itself.  Because I know it’s the “little guy” who values it most. Join The Club Now!
  • I need a very high conversion rate on this site itself because I intend for it to “go viral” in the affiliate system. Join The Club Now!
  • It’s fun.  Really it is.  I know this makes me kind of sick in the head— but I’d much rather review a book’s marketing architecture than watch a movie, eat Cheese Doodles, or do a lot of the things most other people do for fun these days. Join The Club Now!
  • I can find like-minded people to work for me.   (Legal Note: Finding employees and sub-coaches IS one of the reasons I run the site.  But it’s very unlikely I’ll wind up hiring any given member, so please don’t join the club for this reason)  Join The Club Now !

PPPS – Because I so strongly encourage interaction in the group, there are strict limits to how many people I can accept at any given time.  So if you click the order button and all you see is an opt-in form, it means we’re unfortunately overbooked and you’ll need to be placed on a waiting list.  Therefore, if you’re at all interested, please join TODAY! Join The Club Now!

PPPPS – While the price on this group-mentoring program will probably be below $100/mo. forever, it’s unlikely to remain at $27.95/mo. for very long.  I’m starting VERY low during this introductory period.  I want my most loyal customers to be able to lock in their rate (forever).  I plan to raise it, once I reach critical mass.  So if you’re even a little interested, please get in TODAY! Join The Club Now!

Author Marketing Fast Track Insiders Club

(Cancel any time at

I have read and agree to the Disclaimer and Terms of Use AgreementFull Testimonial and Typical Results Disclosure, and the Privacy Policy. I understand today’s immediate access payment is just $27.95, and that thereafter I will pay only $27.95 each month for continued access until cancelled. I know only a web browser and an internet connection is required to participate in the live events. I also know I’ll be able to download the Video recordings of each live event from the membership area. Last, I understand no income claims, warrants, or guarantees are made regarding my participation in this program.

Can we really help you become a widely read, extremely well-known author?

YoavEzez_03Over the last couple of years we’ve worked with a LOT of authors.

For some, we’ve helped increase sales by coming up with a unique and powerful new name for their book …

Or by creating a compelling and intriguing book description that sells …

For others we’ve built entire websites and marketing campaigns.

We love helping authors shatter the anonymity barrier and get the acknowledgement and success they deserve.

And with a combined background of more than 30 years of marketing experience, marketing information products, books and coaching services, we believe that we’re the right team for the job.

Our team’s work has been seen in:


Author Marketing Fast Track Insiders Club