Attention: Authors Who Would Like Their Books to Sell on Auto-Pilot…
“How to Take Your Non-Fiction Book Sales
from Zero to Hundreds (or Even Thousands)
of Copies Per Month in Under 90 Days!”
With a Very Modest Promotion budget and Without Begging for Favors
From Bloggers, Publishers, Book Promotion Sites or Booktubers.

“Selling 500 copies/month of a $20 book…”
Jerry Brown, Author

The whole world of marketing was new to me. The technologies, the ideas, the approach of trying to promote your book was all new.

But with your help over the last 4 months we’ve already sold 2,000 books out of the 3,000 books in the initial print run and that’s despite the book being a difficult sell – It’s priced at $20/copy and it’s kind of a niche book.

Disclosure: It would be unreasonable to assume you’d achieve the same explosive growth as the Authors on this page because of their unique book premise, the category they operate in, their unique abilities and resources and their commitment to take action. But given the extremely low cost of the training and the extraordinary amount of knowledge it provides for you, won’t you be missing up on a great opportunity if you choose not to check it out?

Yoav Ezer – The World’s Most Effective Book Marketing Coach

You can now tap into the experience Yoav gained helping hundreds of authors launch successful books with sustained sales…as well as in his experience as a CEO of a Multi-Million dollar software company (and his Army career)

“I’m not sure people would even like to read this book”…

That’s what my longtime partner and friend Dr. Glenn Livingston told me when we discussed his idea for a book.

It took quite a bit of persuasion on my part, but I finally got him to publish.

And 14 months later…

His book “Never Binge Again” has more than 600 reviews.

And even though the kindle version is free, last month he sold 614 paperbacks and 663 audible books!

He’s built an email list of more than 5,000 subscribers

And because he also successfully sells consulting and coaching to his subscribers, he anticipates crossing the $100,000/year profit barrier soon.  (At the time of this publication he was running at the $8,000/mo gross rate)

And the funny thing about it…

Until just recently he only dedicated a few hours a week to promote the book.

And just to be clear…

Glenn had zero credibility in the weight loss market.

It’s his FIRST book in this field.

He didn’t have an email list or a fan base in this field prior to publishing.


We started from scratch.

But things could have gone very differently…

The Biggest Problem Preventing
Non-Fiction Authors from Succeeding
Is the Very Thing They THINK Will Work!…

The biggest problem preventing non-fiction authors from succeeding is—surprisingly—emulating their favorite successful authors!

I call this the ‘Malcolm Gladwell Trap’. Every non-fiction author has a favorite author they want to be like.

For a lot of people that’s Malcolm Gladwell, others love Seth Godin or Tony Robbins.

It really doesn’t matter who your favorite author is … if you emulate their marketing, you are going to fail miserably.


Because these authors have such a huge following, THEY can make a thousand mistakes with their marketing and still hit the NY Times bestseller list with every book release.

For example Malcolm Gladwell’s “Outliers” and/or Seth Godin’s “Purple Cow” are GREAT books with HORRENDOUS titles.   But they can get away with this god-awful marketing mistake because they’ve already got literally hundreds of thousands of fans.  They could’ve called their next book “Mud Pudding” or “Infections of the Prostate” and still succeeded.  Their fans will buy ANYTHING from them… 

They succeed DESPITE their titles, not because of their titles… so you shouldn’t emulate their titles!

Or consider the dreadful mistake I saved Glenn from when he was about to publish his book.  For some inane reason he’d wanted to call his book ‘Screw The Pig’.  I still don’t understand why, but had he titled his book this way, we wouldn’t be on the cusp of creating a multi-million dollar book business for him…

Heck… we probably wouldn’t have sold more than a handful of copies.

And that’s the main obstacle preventing non-fiction authors from succeeding today… there’s a small set of marketing elements (like your title) you absolutely MUST get right in order to succeed… but you CAN’T do it by emulating bestselling authors because their reasons for success with any given book are MUCH different than those a newcomer can leverage.

“Sold 400 copies on launch week and 10/day since…”
Naomi Kuttner, Author

I’ve followed your launch plan and during launch week we’ve sold just over 400 copies and we’ve been selling around 10 books/day ever since…

Mind you… before I bought your program I was basically clueless about Amazon, I didn’t know anything about the Amazon market place, I didn’t understand at what stage I should be doing what and what things I needed to prepare in advance of the launch.

The thing that surprised me about your program is that most people that teach book marketing teach non-fiction book marketing, but you work with a lot of fiction authors and have some really good strategies for them.

How to Activate Amazon’s Automatic Book
Recommendation Machine to Sell FOR You
On Autopilot!

Activating the Amazon marketing machine is really just a simple three step process… the problem is most authors either skip one of the steps and/or don’t know how to execute it with quality.  The steps are:

Step #1 – Make your book extraordinarily desirable to your target audience by optimizing the cover, title, and description.

Tailor the title, subtitle and description of your book so a potential reader immediately “gets” that your book will solve his or her specific problem in a unique and proven way…

Then use one of three proven (yet simple) techniques to make sure your cover stands out among the almost endless number of competing books in the Amazon eco-system.  And you’ve got the foundation of extraordinarily desirable book.

This process only takes a few days…

And yet, you’d be surprised how many authors hide the problem their book solves deep within the pages of their book… making it impossible for the prospect to know this book is the one they’re looking for BEFORE they actually buy it…and then the prospect sadly passes it by, never realizing what they gave up!

Later in this letter I’ll give you more tips on making your book irresistible… for now, please just know this is the basis for everything else.  It’s the MOST important part of the equation.  Without an appealing book the other layers of promotion just don’t work.  There is NO Amazon and/or marketing “trick” which will save a book without an irresistible cover, title, and description.  None.

Without a truly amazing cover, title, and description you’ll get a just a fraction of the sales you could get… NO MATTER HOW GOOD YOUR ACTUAL BOOK IS!

“The Calgary Herald is running a story about my book…”
Helene Oseen, Author

I just want to say thank you for your splendid program in helping me understand what I needed to do for my launch – which started today.My book got an amazing 5 star review posted by a Top 100 Reviewer for Amazon. The Calgary Herald is running a story on Saturday in the Books section of the newspaper. I’m off to a great start and I could not have done it without you. Happy New Year to you and your family.

Step #2 – Use cheap, hyper-focused advertising to sell your book to the first group of serial readers

By selling a few dozens of copies to the right readers, you’ll train the Amazon recommendation machine to understand exactly who the perfect audience is for your book.

Once that happens Amazon will start recommending it to just the right people within its database of over 300,000,000 customers. And…

Because we’ve already made your book extremely desirable for that specific audience, the traffic Amazon sends to your book will buy in greater volume.  In turn, these additional sales create an even clearer picture of your audience for the Amazon machine… which results in even more automatic sales…

It’s a positive snowball which is almost impossible to stop!

Now… once we’ve activated Amazon’s automatic recommendation machine we can start to bring out the big guns…

Step #3 – Make a Killing Using the Amazon Marketing System

Here’s where the work we did in steps one and two pay off. Amazon’s marketing system is brain dead simple.

You can use it to show your books to other visitors on the Amazon site.

Now…. There’s not a lot you can do in terms of banners and sales text. But that’s also the beauty of the system.

You just let it know where you want your book to be displayed and because you’ve already made it irresistible to your audience it can sell like crazy.

Authors I’ve worked with went from zero sales per month to hundreds (and in some cases thousands) per month just by turning on this system.

Most Amazon authors try this system and fail because they’ve skipped step #1.   Which is GOOD NEWS for you because it means there’s very little real competition within the system at this juncture!

But we won’t stop there…

Step #4 – Use the same cheap, hyper-focused advertising to put your book in the hand of influencers and ignite word-of-mouth marketing

If your book solves a very specific problem for a very small audience then this step will be less effective.  But if your book is about a general subject such as parenting, weight loss, marketing, etc…then this step will take your sales to a whole different level.

By using the same advertising with just a little tweak you will put your book in front of a group of reviewers who can sometimes sell hundreds of copies with a single recommendation.

The only difference here is that while in the previous steps we targeted the Amazon internal systems to produce sales, in this step we will spur real world word of mouth sales.

How non-fiction authors REALLY become successful (Think Tony Robbins and Seth Godin) …

Dr. Glenn Livingston is selling 1,000+ books each month and is close to breaking the $10K/month barrier.  And I’ll be surprised if he doesn’t cross the $100K/month line inside of 12 months.  Do you know why?

The secret to his success is …

He has been actively building an easily reachable fan base alongside his reputation as an author from day one!

It’s the same with Tony Robbins and Tim Ferriss.

If you check Tony Robbin’s Facebook page, you’ll see it’s followed by almost 3,000,000 readers.

And every post he makes is liked, shared and commented on by hundreds of Fans.

This Fan page along with Mr. Robbin’s email list (which probably includes millions of readers as well) and his reputation are the reason EVERY SINGLE BOOK he publishes hits the New York Times, USA Today and all the other national bestseller lists.

He only needs to post a note on his Facebook page.

Send an email to his mailing list.

And the fans do the rest of his work for him.

And once the books hit the national bestseller lists and activate the Amazon recommendation mechanism, they are exposed to an even larger audience, which results in hundreds of thousands of book sales for Mr. Robbins.


Dr. Glenn Livingston only started a little more than a year ago… so he doesn’t have anywhere near 4,000,000 fans.  In fact, he’s got a mere 5,000.  But this has been more than enough to earn a full time income… he could already live off the book if he had to!

Here’s his secret…

Use your book to add more fans to your email list.

Readers who’ve joined your list after reading your book are EXTREMLY motivated fans. Not only have they proven themselves to be paying customers (which often means they have a lot more money to spend with you over and above the cost of your book,) but …

They’re also extremely appreciative of your work.  They’ve already read your book and thought so highly of it they decided to join your email list.

Those highly motivated, paying clients can easily be sold on additional books as well as higher-ticket items which can produce a massive amount of profit.  (Glenn, for example, sells a coaching program for $499.95 to a progressively larger percentage of his subscribers)

“What you teach can be applied to any genre…”
Patricia Loofbourrow, NY Times & USA Today Bestselling Author

I’ve always felt marketing was a struggle so having a mentor is important … which is one of the main reasons why I like the way you have this set up. You’re an excellent teacher and what you teach can be applied to any genre.

The LAST Book Marketing Training You’ll Ever Need

It’s not a lot of work, but you have to do things the right way.

And that’s exactly why I’ve put together the Author Marketing Fast Track Training.

It’s the worlds’ most affordable and comprehensive step-by-step training… designed to provide you with all the tools you’ll need…and outline the shortest possible way to build your career as a successful, full time author.

Here’s what’s included in the training…

Module #1 – The Irresistible Book:
How to Capture (and Keep) Your Readers’ Attention
in the Impossibly Crowded Amazon Marketplace

From cover, to title, to description your book must seduce your prospects into an almost uncontrollable slippery slope…

At every step they must become even more excited and intrigued…

So by the time they finish reading your book’s description they can’t resist clicking Amazon’s ‘1-Click Buy’ button!

Here’s what’s included in this module:

  • The eight techniques used by top marketing and branding professionals to pinpoint a “unique hook” and successfully compete even in the most crowded markets…
  • What to do in extremely crowded markets where the book titles make such outrageous claims they border on the ludicrous (e.g. ‘lose 30 pounds in 7 days’)…
  • It is a well-known fact purchase decisions are driven by emotion (not logic)– But did you know this simple trick for invoking such powerful emotion it practically forces the sale?
  • How to come up with a great title and subtitle…by writing a bunch of crappy ones
  • How successful non-fiction covers are radically different than fiction covers (and why it’s devastating to confuse the two)…
  • Four ways to stop the reader’s visual scan of category listing and search results so (s)he’ll focus squarely on your book…
  • The three rules of great cover design. (Hint: It’s really NOT all about selecting the perfect image or illustration)…
  • Why most designers don’t really understand how to do book covers specifically for Amazon SALES…and how to find the ones that do!
  • Ready-made PowerPoint cover templates which already embody the major rules of Amazon design…just make a few edits and in 5 minutes you can have a beautiful and effective cover for your book!
  • A fill-in-the-blanks design specification template which includes specific instructions for designers you may hire. This instructions can dramatically increase the chance you’ll get a beautiful and effective cover…
  • Our list of recommended designers – We’ve reviewed and evaluated some of the best cover designers on the most popular freelance sites so you don’t have to spend days doing so yourself.
  • The easiest and most natural way to activate the ‘emotional’ part of your reader’s mind with your book description and make them crave the solution your book offers. (Purchase decisions are always made in the emotional part of the brain, but then need to be justified by the logical part. Keep reading to see how)…
  • The most sales-destructive thought your customer can have at this point is … “Hey, I’ve already read this somewhere else.” But…when you follow the ‘swirling vortex’ formula for book descriptions, “I’ve already read that” can be quickly replaced with excited anticipation to learn your book’s secrets!
  • And much more…

Module #2 – Tribe Building For Authors:
Get 20x More Reviews, Build a Tribe of Enthusiastic Fans, and Become One of the Most Well-Known Authors in Your Genre… Without a Website and for Virtually NO Cost!

621 reviews in 15 months.  75% five stars, 11% four star.

That’s what my most advanced student (Dr. Glenn Livingston) has received for his debut book to date.  But on top of that, he turned the readers of his book into easily reachable fans which buy from him over and over again.

And in this module you’ll learn the exact process we used to get him to this point.

In fact, you’ll get to see how I helped him build his own ‘author funnel’.

Here’s what’s included in this module:

  • How to ask for reviews without begging. (You’ll see how to request reviews in a powerfully persuasive, yet very dignified way!)…
  • Several virtually irresistible ways to compel readers to review your book…
  • Six easy ‘gifts’ you can give followers to dramatically increase the value they get from your book. (Note: These gifts cost you nothing, but they’ll make your readers so grateful they’ll want to reciprocate your kindness by either writing a review or buying your other books)
  • Four very compelling reasons you can give to persuade readers to write a review WITHOUT going even one inch beyond Amazon’s guidelines…
  • The exact template and wording to set up the supercharged review generation process in under 4 hours…
  • How to automate your fan-building efforts 24 x 7 x 365…
  • Why most free book promotions are almost entirely a waste of time and effort. (And how one free promotion – done right – can generate dozens if not hundreds of reviews and subscribers!)…
  • How to make setting up this system feel like less effort than sipping margaritas by the pool on a lazy summer day…
  • And much more.

Note: This system works extremely well to generate positive reviews every day on autopilot – but it becomes a ballistic missile when you run promotions.

“Marketing Strategies that are Easy to Implement…”
Anne Wxill , Author

We (my husband and I) had written a book and had no clue how to market it. We were struggling to find ways to reach people and let them know that we are here.

And the one thing I really like is that you suggest things that are doable, that you can act on. Things that are reasonable to do even given our limited capabilities with computers and the strategies we implemented worked really really well for us!

Module #3 – Flood Your Book with
How to Find The Amazon Categories and Keywords
That Can Drive 100x More Free Traffic To Your Book Page
Than the Majority of Your Competitors

First things first:  This is NOT just about finding the most profitable keywords and categories.  It’s about how to enter them into the KDP dashboard in a way that will result in your book appearing for hundreds of search terms instead of just seven.   And…

How to make sure it appears high in the search results for your most important search terms without repeating them over and over and wasting valuable space.

Here’s what’s included in this module:

  • A semi-secret tool to spy on your competitors, tell you the exact size of the opportunity, and how brutal the competition actually is for each category and keyword…
  • The SINGLE MOST IMPORTANT factor in selecting categories and keywords. Ignore this parameter and your book may not sell AT ALL – even in categories where the competition is non-existent…
  • How to explode into the best seller lists in your categories and stay there almost indefinitely. (Plus… what you need to do to climb even further up the list!)
  • The secret of ranking in multiple categories – Amazon limits the amount of categories you can choose to a measly two! But if you follow the advice we give, you can appear in three, four or even five best seller lists for different categories (multiplying your traffic and sales with each additional one!)
  • What parameters effects a book’s ranking for a specific search term, and how to use this knowledge to make sure your book appears in the top results
  • The four best sources for keyword ideas – Use these sources and you’re guaranteed to come up with a list of sales-producing phrases…
  • How to spot money-making keywords – Ranking for a specific keyword will produce sales only if the reader had ‘purchase intent.’ And this one special technique is perhaps the only one which can tell you with virtually 100% certainty if a specific keyword has ‘purchase intent’ behind it…
  • And much more…

Plus If You Act Now,
You Receive Two Additional FREE Bonuses…

The Author Marketing Fast Track training is the fastest way to create a highly desirable book and set it up to succeed within the Amazon eco-system.

But you’re still going to have to launch the book successfully in order to jolt the Amazon automatic recommendation system into action to produce daily sales on autopilot.

That’s why I’ve added two additional bonuses for a limited time. I can’t promise how long these will be available, because I originally created them as standalone products (and my partners are pushing me to follow through on these plans)…

 Bonus Gift #1 – The Step by Step, Proven Launch Process
for Maximum, Long Term, Autopilot Sales on Amazon!

Conducting a successful book launch is NOT difficult!

But you DO have to take the right steps in the right order to maximize long term sales.

And this is exactly what you’ll learn to do in this module.

Here’s what’s included in this module:

  • A play-by-play guide on exactly which actions you need to take at any given moment during the launch (A month before, three weeks before, two weeks before, one week before, on launch day, on launch week, etc.)
  • Which advertising and promotion channels you need to use to successfully launch your book, how much money to invest in each channel, and when to contact them so your promotions will go out on time…
  • The three types of book launches. (And why a national bestseller list launch is totally different than an Amazon long term sales launch)…
  • How many books you’ll actually need to sell to activate the Amazon recommendation mechanism…
  • The seven item checklist you need to complete before you begin promotional activities…
  • And much more…

Bonus Gift #2 – Facebook Advertising for Authors:
Selling Books, Supercharging the Amazon Recommendation Engine, Building Your Email List, And Putting Books In the Hands of the Most Influential People in Your Market

Facebook advertising is truly a shortcut to success for non-fiction authors:

  • Because you can reach readers interested in your book with a simple, low cost ad…
  • Because you can reach influencers directly (without them even feeling you’re specifically targeting them)…
  • Because for now you can advertise on Facebook for pennies per click…

For all these reasons and more, Facebook is the ideal marketing platform for authors.

And this extensive module covers everything you need to know about Facebook advertising to create compelling, super effective, low cost marketing campaigns for your books.

Frankly… this module is so valuable in and of itself, I’ve actually thought about breaking it off into a separate $199 course. It’s definitely worth that and more. And heaven knows my competitors are charging almost a thousand dollars for this type of information.

But since it’s really a requirement for success in today’s competitive environment, I’m including this in the Author Marketing Fast Track Training absolutely free if you act TODAY.

Here’s what’s included in this module:

  • Four types of images that attract attention and dramatically lower the cost of clicks on your ad (just one of these types of image almost always works and almost always cuts the cost of clicks by 50%)…
  • When and how it’s a smart idea to use images with sexual tones in your ads – And which type of sexually explicit images will get you banned from Facebook for life…
  • Weird images you can create yourself that can DRAMATICALLY increase the effectiveness of your ad…
  • The best place to call out your audience- This rarely used technique increases sales virtually every time…
  • The Groupon book sales technique – Groupon have used this technique to sell millions of books. And once you understand how simple it is to implement, you can use it too.
  • How to use your book’s reviews to sell a ton more books with Facebook ads
  • The ‘Endorsement’ shortcut – How one of the authors I work with used an endorsement he received to get 5 cent clicks on his FB ad and sell hundreds of books.
  • The easiest way to make sure only buyers will see your ad so you never waste a single penny on worthless clicks…
  • How to target serial readers in your category – Readers who’ve read every single similar book to your own…passionate about learning as much as they can about they’re favorite subject!
  • How to put your book in the hands of people who’s recommendation can produce dozens (or even hundreds) of sales…
  • And much more…

Don’t Decide Today…Try Out
“Author Marketing Fast Track” For 60 Days With a Full Money Back Guarantee

Claim your copy of Author Marketing Fast Track now.

Watch the videos.

Use the cheat sheets.

Put your new book sales skills to work for you.

And If, for any reason, you aren’t completely satisfied for up to 60 days (by which time you could have implemented the entire system for your book), just contact my support desk. There’s nothing to return since the course is fully digital. I personally guarantee you a full refund. No questions asked. No hassles. No problems at all.

And you get to keep the “Amazon Sales Book Lanuch” and “Facebook Advertising for Authors” modules as my gift to you for giving it a try.

Why am I being so generous? Because I want to attract the most talented writers into my circle…

Right now I’m in the process of building a different type of publishing company. One that can take talented authors that understand book marketing and truly speed up their success. And in order to do that, I want to attract the best authors who also understand the importance of marketing.

“Self-publishing or working with a publishing company?”
Alice Sullivan, Editor and Ghost Writer Worked on nearly 1,200 titles including 11 New York Times best-sellers

I would absolutely recommend this training to my authors because most of the authors that I have are either self-publishing or working with publishing companies that still require them to do a lot of their own work.

I can only help my authors so much…I can help them write their book and share their message… but I am not an authority on the rest of this… and you clearly are!

And If You Act Now You Can Get The
Author Marketing Fast Track Training,
Including the Two Gift Bonuses
For Just $27

That’s right… If you act quickly you can pay just $27.

Now… at this price, I think you’d have to agree you’ll be getting more than your money’s worth even if you learned just a couple of helpful tactics. (Remember, Glenn Sells more than a 1,000 copies every month using the exact techniques described here!)

But if you take full advantage of the program you can get a 10,000 times return on your investment.

Because where else can you get detailed step by step instructions that can help you take your book sales from zero to hundreds or even thousands of copies every month from the most methodical book marketing coach in the world?

Just $27
Full Disclosure: It would be unreasonable to assume you’d achieve the same explosive growth as the Authors on this page because of their unique book premise, the category they operate in, their unique abilities and resources and their commitment to take action. But given the extremely low cost of the training and the extraordinary amount of knowledge it provides, won’t you be missing a great opportunity if you choose not to check it out?