About The Company

As you might have guessed, BestsellerWebsites.com started as a website design company for authors.

But we quickly found out that other than building a website, there are a lot things authors can do to dramatically improve their sales.

For example:

  • Build a fan base
  • Run efficient book launches
  • Properly set up their book on Amazon so that they’ll take full advantage of the ‘Amazon Sales Machine’.
  • Making sure their book gets accepted into the BIG book promotion sites
  • And more

So we’ve created a few free training courses to help authors accomplish these things.

For example, we’ve created a training that shows authors three, 100% Kosher techniques to get book reviews that help sell a lot more books…


How to Get Book Reviews That Convince Readers To Buy

How to get dozens of Amazon book reviews that will convince readers to buy your books in droves – With top #500 Amazon Reviewer, Mr John Chancellor.

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We’ve also developed a free training that helps authors write compelling book descriptions that convert Amazon browsers into buyers…


How to Write an Amazon Book Description That Sells – In Under 60 Minutes

if your description isn’t making your potential readers chomp at the bits to discover the secrets locked inside your book, then you’re standing a real risk of losing customers.

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We’ve also developed extensive online training courses and support systems to help authors learn all they need to know about book marketing and get the one-on-one support they need to put those strategies in place!

You can learn more about these products and support systems here.

About Me

yoavNoBg1My name is Yoav (Joe) Ezer and I am the CEO and head book-marketing coach at BestsellerWebsites.com.

I have personally trained over 8,000 authors, marketers, and other professionals.

I also serve on the board of the International Coach Certification Alliance.

Prior to finding my passion (which is helping authors become successful) I’ve managed companies that sold products and services to dozens of Fortune 500 companies, and had my work covered in places like The Guardian, Business.com, SEO Journal etc.