A Simple 9-Step Plan for Non-Fiction Authors That Want to
Sell a LOT MORE Books and Become Well-known in Their Field

“Finally! A Tested and Proven Way to Tap Into the Stream of 28,500,000 Daily Kindle Store Buyers for YOUR Book…and Make Them Lifetime Fans


“Self-publishing or working with a publishing company?”

Alice Sullivan, Editor and Ghost Writer (Nashville, TN)

Worked on nearly 1,200 titles including 11 New York Times best-sellers

I would absolutely recommend this training to my authors because most of the authors that I have are either self-publishing or working with publishing companies that still require them to do a lot of their own work.

I can only help my authors so much…I can help them write their book and share their message… but I am not an authority on the rest of this… and you clearly are!

“I cannot believe it myself, but on Sunday, my book sold 1,000 copies on the Kindle bookstore, and has risen to #49 of all paid Kindle books, and #6 in my category” – wrote Nick in one of the forums I frequent…

Now… that’s a rare thing to hear from an author … so I investigated further…

Turns out he’s sold more than 33,000 books in a single month. And what’s more – his book is priced at $5.99… Which means he’s making at least $2/sale (probably more).

That’s $66,000 of profit in a single month.

How did he do it, you wonder?

Well… this is what he had to say…

“It wasn’t very complicated… I am now convinced that if you write a decent book and market it well, the sky is the limit.”

Nick’s story is unique, because he understood that if you tap into the Amazon vein of hungry for knowledge, cash-in-hand book buyers in the right way, you truly can make a spectacular living.

How big is that vein?

Well… every day 28.5 MILLION book readers visit the Kindle store.

And over a 1,000,000 E-Books are sold every day!

The best part is…

Even Unknown Authors With Little To No Money
To Spend On Marketing Can Sell A LOT Of Books
On Amazon WITHOUT Shameless Self Promotion
(Or Turning Into An Icky Used Car Salesman)

Here’s a news flash for you: Good book marketing does NOT mean vomiting up a constant stream of shameless self-promotion!

What good book marketing is really about is allowing your book to be discovered by readers in a relatively natural and friction free process…

You see, a lot of extremely well-written, useful books never sell more than a few copies because 99.9% of the potential readers disqualify them…

They dislike the title or the cover.

Something annoys them in description.

They don’t believe the book is for them.

And so on…

But… with the simple-to-follow 9 step system we describe right here in this letter, you can make sure your book will be easily discoverable and appealing.

From there, it often takes just a little push to get the Amazon behemoth moving and produce traffic, sales and reviews for your book.

And as with all journeys, it begins with the very first step…

Step #1 –Make Your Book’s Title and Subtitle CLEARLY Convey Why Your Book is a Perfect and Unique Match for Your Readers…

It’s a sad fact, but the overwhelming majority of your potential readers will only read your book’s title and subtitle before deciding whether to go any further…

Which means after months (or even years) writing your book, you get just 5-20 words to peak their interest or they’re on to the next book, never even glancing at your book page itself.

You read that right. Unfortunately, despite the fact your book may solve the problem with which they struggle—quite possibly better than any other alternative—and ultimately change their lives for the better…it won’t get a chance to do so unless it passes this first hurdle.

What’s even sadder is that because most authors don’t recognize the enormous importance of these first 5-20 words, they squander this opportunity to use their writing skills where it really counts. Most authors COULD easily write a title to easily overcome this obstacle and give their book wings…they simply don’t because they either don’t understand the simple principles which make titles work on Amazon, or they just don’t know how critical the Title and Subtitle are.

So what happens instead? They spend months and years slaving over a brilliant book, but just a few measly minutes on the most important words in their book. Their Title and Subtitle become a mere afterthought!

Even if you’ve already selected a title and a subtitle for your book – a few small changes can make a world of difference in the way customers (and ‘publicity gate keepers’) react.

Here are some of the things you’ll discover in this module:

  • Why pinpointing your book’s uniqueness is the key to creating an effective title and subtitle…
  • The one question you must answer in the title and subtitle to immediately signal your readers this book is meant for them
  • How to use your book’s uniqueness factor to convince the ‘publicity gate keepers’ your book is worth covering in their blogs, newspapers, radio shows, etc…
  • The ‘Ezer Quality Test’ which immediately suggests whether you’ve got a winning title or something which will more likely confuse (or even repel) readers…
  • WARNING: Avoid the ‘celebrity book title trap’ at all costs! (See why so many authors do themselves a disservice by mimicking these types of book titles)
  • How to come up with a great title and subtitle…by writing a bunch of crappy ones
  • The eight techniques used by top marketing and branding professionals to pinpoint their product’s “unique hook” and successfully compete even in the most crowded markets
  • Use your competition’s “selling ideas” to inform a truly unique hook for your book…
  • Make your book’s benefits shine
  • Why in some markets simply relying on the benefits provided by your book is simply not possible…
  • What to do in extremely crowded markets where the book titles make such outrageous claims they border on the ludicrous (e.g. ‘lose 30 pounds in 7 days’)…
  • How to use the ‘book mechanism’ technique for developing a unique hook that outsells your competition…even when your book is almost identical to theirs!
  • Why speaking directly to your readers in your title and subtitle can make your book the only choice in its category…
  • It is a well-known fact purchase decisions are driven by emotion (not logic) – But did you know this one simple trick for invoking such powerful emotion it practically forces them to purchase?
  • How to write dozens of powerful options for your title and subtitle…and then combine their best elements into a killer ‘unique hook’…
  • TWENTY-NINE real world examples of how authors in the real world pinpointed their book’s ‘unique hook’ and created devastatingly effective titles and subtitles…
  • Where to find brainstorming partners that will happily help you come up with your ‘unique hook’ and make the process a lot more fun…
  • And much more…

Step #2 – How to Create a Cover That Stops Your Amazon Prospect from Looking at Your Competitors’ Books—AND—Provides Gut-Level Proof of Quality So They’ll Want to Learn More. (Quickly and on a Very Tight Budget!)

Your cover literally determines your customer’s first impression. A good cover compels prospects to click through and learn more about your book. The cover is what gets them to read your book description page and check out the reviews…and ultimately to purchase.

In this module you’ll learn what makes a good cover and how to create one quickly, without breaking the bank.

Here’s what we cover:

  • How non-fiction covers must be crafted in a MUCH DIFFERENT WAY than fiction covers (and why it’s devastating if you confuse the two)…
  • Why the ‘entertainment’ value of your book cover is less important in non-fiction books…
  • The two complimentary roles of non-fiction book covers…
  • Four ways to stop the reader’s visual scan of category listing and search results so (s)he’ll focus squarely on your book…
  • The one type of cover that really calls out to your potential reader – and how to create them easily…
  • What to do if all the good ‘visual disruption’ techniques are already used in your book category…
  • WARNING: Create this type of cover and you’ll MURDER your sales. Even if the rest of your marketing materials are perfect and your book is a masterpiece!
  • How to design a cover to demonstrate your book is of high quality (so shelling out a few bucks to learn what you teach within its pages will seem like a superior idea)
  • The three rules of great cover design. (Hint: It’s really NOT all about selecting the perfect image or illustration)
  • Why most designers don’t really understand cover design for Amazon SALES…and how to find the ones that do!
  • Ready-made PowerPoint cover templates which already embody the major rules of cover design…just make a few edits and in 5 minutes you can have a beautiful and Amazon-effective cover for your book!
  • The three types of non-fiction cover designs (and step-by-step instructions on how to produce each one)…
  • A fill-in-the-blanks design specification template that includes specific instructions for designers you may hire. This instructions will greatly increase the chance you’ll get a beautiful and effective cover…
  • Our list of recommended designers – We’ve reviewed and evaluated some of the best cover designers on the most popular freelance sites so you don’t have to spend days doing so yourself.
  • Exactly when to invest in a ‘Masterpiece’ cover design, where to find the true genius designers, and how to fund their fees without burning a hole in your wallet or purse…
  • And much more

Step #3 – Create a Book Description That Moves Your Reader from the ‘Mildly Interested’ to the ‘Must Buy!’ State of Mind – in under 60 Minutes

If you implemented the previous modules and created an enticing book title, subtitle and cover then by now your reader clicked onto your book page and is looking to learn more.

Now it’s time to use your writing skills to spark her desire and make her really want to purchase.

And this is exactly what you’ll learn in this module:

  • How to ‘hook’ your readers and ensure they read the entire description. (What you write in the very first sentence has an enormous impact on engagement and it’s crucial you get it right)…
  • The easiest and most natural way to activate the ‘emotional’ part of your reader’s mind with your book description and make her crave the solution your book offers. (Purchase decisions are always made in the emotional part of the brain, but then need to be justified by the logical part. Keep reading to see how)
  • The most sales-destructive thought your customer can have at this point is … “Hey, I’ve already read this somewhere.” But…when you follow the ‘swirling vortex’ formula for book descriptions, “I’ve already read that” can be quickly replaced with excited anticipation to learn the secrets your book contains!
  • Now that you’ve ignited a spark of desire in your reader’s mind, turn that spark into a roaring flame by “pouring on” all the benefits (s)he will get from your book. This simultaneously increases desire AND supplies justification to the ‘logical part’ of the brain so it can approve the purchase.
  • And with the step-by-step guide and worksheet we’ll provide you, you will be able to crank out the description in less than an hour!

Step #4 –Prove to Your Readers the Promises in Your Title, Subtitle and Description are True (So They’ll Feel Safe to Act On Their Desire to Buy Your Book)


step4By now you’ve managed to peak your reader’s interest with your title, subtitle and cover.

You’ve ignited the hope that your book can truly help them overcome the challenge they are facing with the opening part of your description.

And added fuel to the fire by finishing your description with a list of mouth-watering benefits.

But at the same time you also created doubt…

Because the more enticing a promise is, the more skeptical people become.

Most authors don’t understand this. When you hit all the right buttons, you’ve got to provide proof or readers will doubt your book can actually deliver on the promises you made in the title, subtitle and description.

This is where reviews come in – they’re the PROOF your book is “the real thing.”

More importantly, you simply must get the first set of reviews right because those are the ones which will be more-than-likely to dominate the top review area on your book page… forever.

This is why you want Top Amazon Reviewers to write your first reviews.

Not only do Top Amazon Reviewers write kick ass reviews which can “move” a lot of copies, but these reviews are also tagged with the “Top XXX Reviewer” and “Hall of Fame” tags that (according to a Yale study on the subject) can double the sales power of a review.

Here’s a detailed list of what you’ll discover in this module:

  • How to find the RIGHT reviewers to approach – You’ve got a 20-40% chance of getting a review from each Top Amazon Reviewer in this group.
  • The simple and easy way to make sure you get mostly positive reviews…
  • How to get your family and friends to give you powerful reviews that sell
  • Seven ways to maximize your chances of getting top reviewers to say yes…
  • How to turn your book into a review generation machine…
  • How to syphon traffic from Google to your book page with reviews…
  • The difference between “Lame” reviews and reviews that sell…and how to make sure you get the latter when it matters the most…
  • The single biggest motivation of Amazon Top Reviewers (and how to tap into it when you approach them)
  • Where you can find the contact details (including the email address) of many of the top 1000 Amazon reviewers…
  • A fill-in-the-blanks email template for approaching top reviewers. (We’ve received a 20%-40% response rate using this template ourselves)…
  • What NEVER to say when approaching a top reviewer. (You might think that this particular approach shows respect for the reviewer, but in truth, it’s a big turn-off)
  • Never ever offer compensation when approaching a reviewer. The Amazon guidelines strictly forbid it and top reviewers view this as an attempt to bribe them and will ignore your advances…

Step #5 – Harness the Power of The Amazon Sales Machine by Selecting Amazon Categories Visited by The RIGHT TYPE OF READERS with Just the Right Amount of Competition…

Imagine this…Your nine year-old has just earned his brown-belt in Karate.And the kid is truly talented! His instructors keep telling you how good he is.

Would you sign him up to compete in the world-championship for adults?

Against Dan-5 black-belts that outweigh him by a hundred pounds?

Heck no!

That would be terrible – he’ll get badly beaten and never want to compete again.

Instead, you’d start him off with easy competitions, so that he can build his confidence and skill and work his way up to the big leagues.

But pitting their books against the toughest competitors is exactly what 95% of authors do –

edwin“This will boost my Amazon rank”

Edwin Harkness Spina, Author

“Mystic Warrior”, “Escaping the Matrix”
I love the simplicity of your video training.

It’s like I wish… I’m smacking myself in the head for not thinking of this myself.

I’ve put one of my books on Perma-free on Amazon and this will boost its rank even further.

They put their books in the most ferociously competitive categories right away.
Categories where their book has almost no chance of appearing in the best seller list.

And as a result, the book never builds its ‘best seller rank’ and gathers testimonials. It’s simply overshadowed by the ‘mature’ competition.

Don’t get me wrong… it’s entirely possible to compete in the ‘BIG’ categories… but virtually no new author can begin there. Instead, you work your way up.

This is why in this module we’ll show you how to choose the right initial categories so you can ‘plot your way up the mountain’ to the bigger and more profitable ones.

Here what you’ll discover in this module:

  • How to understand the potential and competitiveness of each category
  • Why even beginners can tap into the incredible stream of 28,500,000 book buyers that visits the Kindle store every day!!!
  • Why having a book with a unique title, a kick-ass cover, and a description that expands on the benefits of reading your book will help you dominate the categories you choose
  • The easiest way to find out how many copies the ‘best sellers’ in each category actually sell every month
  • A semi-secret tool to spy on your competitors, tell you the exact size of the opportunity, and how brutal the competition actually is in each category…
  • The SINGLE MOST IMPORTANT factor in selecting categories for your book. Ignore this parameter and your book may not sell at all – even in categories where the competition is non-existent.
  • The easiest way to estimate exactly how many copies you’ll need to sell to break into the top #20, the top #10 and even to become the #1 best seller in each category…
  • The truth about second page ranking and why real experts will tell you that’s the best place to bury a body! (Hint: No one ever looks there)…
  • How to explode into the best seller lists in your categories and hang in there almost indefinitely. Plus… what you need to do to climb even further up the list.
  • No more boom and bust mentality! The publishing community has grown accustomed to big promotions that create a brief period of sales followed by an inevitable decline into the sales abyss. But when you use the techniques we introduce here you’ll be on your way to making your book a consistent seller…
  • The secret of ranking in multiple categories – Amazon limits the amount of categories you can choose to a measly two! But if you follow the advice we give, you can appear in three, four or even five best seller lists for different categories…
  • WARNING: Did you know Amazon might ignore your chosen categories and place your book in totally different ones, even if you chose categories that match your book perfectly? Here’s how to ensure your category choices are respected and used by Amazon so you can maximize sales.
  • The five step process which reveals the perfect initial categories for your book, as well as the right ‘path up the mountain’ (which categories you can safely advance to once you’ve picked up some sales momentum)

Step #6 – Leverage Amazon Search for Maximum Sales Potential by Selecting the Right Keywords (Those with Just the Right Amount of Competition Which Nevertheless Represent Strong Purchase Intent)…

keyWordKeywords are like mini categories.

If you choose the right ones, your book will be ranked in the top 20 search results…

Which will result in traffic to your book page and sales.

But how much traffic can you really get?

Well… A recent statement from Amazon reveals most of the purchases made on the Amazon store begin with a search.

And Eric Schmidt, Google’s former CEO, stated that Google considers Amazon to be its biggest and toughest competitor in the ‘Internet search space’.

In fact, many authors credit their success on Amazon to selecting the right set of keywords.

And in this module you’ll discover how to take advantage of this torrent of book buyers by learning the following:

  • How to figure out the level of competition and the sales potential for each keyword
  • What parameters effects a book’s ranking for a specific search term and how to use this knowledge to make sure your book appears in the top results
  • The four best sources for keyword ideas – Use these sources and you’re guaranteed to come up with a list of sales-producing keywords
  • Why ‘Keyword Stuffing’ can be deadly for your sales (inserting your keywords into every field possible) … and how to intelligently integrate your keywords into the title, subtitle and description to improve both the search ranking and the sales-prowess of your book.
  • How to spot money-making keywords – Ranking for a specific keyword will produce sales only if the reader had ‘purchase intent’ when he searched for the keywords. By using this technique you’ll know with 100% certainty if a specific keyword has ‘purchase intent’ behind it.
  • Why you should steer clear of keywords for which many of the top 20 search results are free books
  • The easiest way to verify that a specific keyword has sufficient search volume on Amazon
  • How to make your competitors work for you and find the BEST keywords for your book!
  • The three types of keywords you should select for your book. The first and second type are much easier to make sales with and if you choose them correctly you’ll be able to rank for the third type (high-traffic keywords) and make out like a bandit.
  • And much more…

Step #7 – Utilize Evergreen Sales Sources Outside of Amazon to Drive Just Enough Sales to Make the Amazon Sales Machine Kick into Hyper-Drive

Putting your book in front of readers outside of Amazon can produce more sales for you…

But more importantly, these sales can increase your ‘best seller rank’ and help you advance in the Amazon listings and search results.

And this, in turn, can create a LOT more sales for you.

This module covers the top 12 sources of traffic available to non-fiction authors outside of Amazon and includes the following:

  • The 5 top free traffic sources for non-fiction authors
  • Six sources of evergreen traffic for non-fiction authors – Evergreen traffic is extremely important because it can provide you with just enough, consistent sales to rank at the top of your selected Amazon bestseller lists and keyword search results – which in turn can drive a massive amount of sales
  • How to know with certainty how effective a specific promotion site will be in promoting your book – By using this method you’ll know with a great degree of certainty if investing money into a specific promotion will produce a profit or a loss for you.
  • The three biggest book promotion sites
  • The best source of book review sites and how to know if a specific site accepts non-fiction books and whether it’ll accept your book
  • Why joint ventures can be an extremely powerful source of traffic for authors (and how to identify the ideal partners to joint venture with for your book)
  • The #1 source of traffic for authors outside of Amazon
  • How to ‘ride the dragon’ – an extremely powerful technique to syphon traffic off NY Times/WSJ Best Sellers in your niche.
  • If you can master these 5 sources of traffic then you’ll be able to produce massive amounts of evergreen traffic and an unbelievable amount of sales
  • How to promote your book to groups of people with specific interests (cooking, fitness, weight loss, etc’)
  • Which sources of traffic you should use if you want to build a long term source of income and which to use if your goal is to build a big following quickly.
  • The one thing you absolutely have to do before using any promotion technique if you want to avoid wasting 90% of your efforts.

Step #8 – Turn Your Book Readers into a Long-Term, Easily Reachable Fan-Base to Support Your Entire Writing Career

This is what separates the men from the boys (and the women from the girls).Having a list means you’ll be able to control your own fate as an author and not have it in the hands of a publishing house or Amazon.A properly treated list can yield between $1 and $5 a month from each subscriber.

So a measly 3000 person subscriber list can yield between $3,000-$15,000/month.

And often, the only source of external traffic you need to launch a book into the top of a category best-seller-list and the search results is your own mailing list.

The bottom line is… building your email list will change your business completely!

And that’s why we created the ‘Tribe Building System for authors’.

The key component of the ‘Tribe Building System for Authors’ is something we call the ‘Content Upgrade’…

A ‘Content Upgrade’ is one of the most advanced list building techniques ever invented for authors. It’s simply the most natural way for authors to propel readers to join a mailing list.

giselle“I had to do something to build my email list”

Giselle Wrigley, Author “Go Gluten and Dairy Free and Feel Great!”

When I got the email from Yoav about the tribe building training I was at a point where I knew I had to do something to build my email list, so the idea behind the training was extremely relevant to me.And the training was really very good.

The information was extremely valuable and the rhythm of the presentation was spot on.

There were just enough slides to get the point across and not too much information so that I couldn’t follow.

I will gladly recommend this training to other authors because it is simply very good!

In fact, you can get up to 30% of your readers to subscribe.

In this part of the training you’ll discover:

  • How to use ‘Content Upgrades’ to DRAMATICALLY increase the value your reader gets from your book…
  • NO WEBSITE REQUIRED: Set-up the whole ‘content upgrade’ and ‘email capture’ mechanism without struggling with programming and/or spending money on a site…
  • Why ‘content upgrades’ are a 1,000 times less work than creating an effective blog and cost 1,000 times less than investing in advertising…
  • Naturally harness the authority and good will you’ve already built with your reader – WITHOUT appearing like an icky used car salesman! (See how to present the Content Upgrade in a natural way that’s not spammy so your readers will happily respond)…
  • Five types of ‘content upgrades’ (for fiction authors) to make your readers chomp at the bit to join the email list and snag that bonus…
  • The single most powerful technique non-fiction authors can use to create an EXTREMELY appealing upgrade which can easily double your sign up rate…
  • Seven types of ‘content upgrades’ (for non-fiction authors) to dramatically enhance the value your readers get from your book and almost guarantee engaged readers join your list…
  • How to design a powerful content upgrade in just a few hours…
  • The one step you shouldn’t skip if you want to create a BIG list of followers
  • Why content upgrades are the most ethical way to form a deeper relationship with your reader…
  • The OPPOSITE of spamming: If you follow this one specific piece of advice, you’ll be able to help your reader reach their goals a lot faster…
  • An easy to follow 8 step plan to create your content upgrades and signup system – without a website and without the help of a programmer…
  • Word of Mouth Domains: The secret of getting even readers of physical copies of your book to sign up to your email list…
  • How to surprise and delight your readers with your content upgrade and further cement yourself in a position of authority…
  • The best place in your book to expose readers to your content upgrades without interrupting the reading flow while maximizing the chances of getting the reader to sign up to your list!
  • Discover the only two email marketing (newsletter) services we endorse, along with “granny level”, step by step, detailed videos on how to open your account and set up your mailing list – and we PROMISE it’ll take less than 60 minutes or we’ll send you a picture of us eating a big bowl of dirt and rocks…
  • Fill-in-the-blank templates to create everything you need… Your book ‘hooks’, the email form, the first email you send to your subscribers etc. Just tweak them a bit to match your book and you’re ready to go!
  • How to use the drag-and-drop designer to create your email capture form – Again … with a detailed step by step video.
  • A tool to help you create fancy, good looking email capture pages and landing pages WITHOUT A WEBSITE…
  • And … How to make sure your email capture system is working correctly, and how to get help to debugging it if you encounter a problem…

Step #9 – Use Your Fan-Base to Get 20x More Reviews Than Your Competition, Multiply Your Sales and Become One of the Most Well-Known Authors in Your Field

reviewAsk yourself … How do you choose which movies to see?

Which books to read?

Or even which car to buy?

You guessed it … the answer is reviews and recommendations!

This is the reason why the book with the most positive review often becomes the only obvious choice in its category. Especially with non-fiction books.

Think about it… all things being equal, which book would you rather buy, the one with 27 reviews or the one with 974 positive reviews?

What if the one with 27 reviews had a better looking cover?

Most of us would still buy the one with the overwhelming amount of reviews.

That’s why we’ve developed a process that will help you get 20 times more reviews than your competitors, help you multiply your sales and position you as one of the top authors in your category.

And it’s very easy to implement on top of your tribe building system. You can probably finish setting it up in less than a day and reap the rewards forever (in the form of dozens and hundreds of reviews).

Here’s what you’ll discover:

  • How to ask for reviews without begging. (You’ll see how to request reviews in a powerfully persuasive, yet very dignified way!)…
  • Several virtually irresistible ways to compel readers to review your book…
  • Four very compelling reasons you can give to persuade readers to write a review WITHOUT going even one inch beyond the Amazon review guidelines…
  • How to give a reader endless opportunities to review your book and why the more time a reader spends on your email list, the more likely he is to write a review for you.
  • The exact template and wording to set up the entire process in under 4 hours…
  • Why most free book promotions are almost entirely a waste of time and effort. (And how one free promotion – done right – can generate dozens if not hundreds of reviews and subscribers!)…
  • How to make setting up this system feel like less effort than sipping margaritas by the pool on a lazy summer day…
  • And much more

Bonus Training: Guest Blogging for Non-Fiction
Authors – How to Harness Other People’s Reach to
Sell More Books and Build Your Reputation

Guest Blogging is one of the best traffic generation techniques for non-fiction authors.

It’s free. It’s evergreen – and if you do it right, your guest posts will continue to send traffic to your book page forever.

Harnessing the traffic potential of famous blogs in your field can level the playing field and help you compete (and even beat) well-established authors and experts with tens of thousands of followers.

And since you already have a ton of written materials (you did just finish writing a book!) then coming up with ideas and content for your guest posts is a cinch.

Basically… if you get the hang of guest blogging, you can turn your book into a consistent, year-after-year resident of the best seller list.

That’s why we created this detailed training.

Now, we could have just as easily sold this training for $47 or $117 on its own merit. But since our goal is to make sure you become successful, we decided to add it as a bonus!

Here’s what you’ll learn in this training:

  • How guest blogging drives traffic to your Amazon book page…and why this traffic is particularly effective at making sales
  • The two main reasons why bloggers want guest posts and how to position yourself so they’ll happily accept yours
  • Five reasons why guest blogging is the most effective source of traffic for authors
  • How to make sure the blog’s existing readerships shares your post on Facebook and Twitter
  • Exactly what size of blog you should initially go after
  • The four secret Google searches that will uncover whether a specific blog is accepting guest posts (the best ones don’t advertise the opportunity on their homepage)
  • WARNNING: There’s one type of blog you should never write for. They look perfect – they are in your niche and are very prestigious, but if you write for them you’ll get ZERO sales every time!
  • The ‘Related Markets’ technique guaranteed to help you find fabulous guest blogging opportunities even in fiercely competitive, cut-throat industries…
  • The fastest way to network with a blogger – You have a much better chance of getting accepted as a guest blogger if the blog owner already knows your name. Unfortunately, networking with bloggers can be time consuming … if you do it the wrong way. But when you use the technique we reveal in this training, it’ll barely take any time at all!
  • The three things you have to read in order to understand a blogger’s mindset in a couple of hours
  • How to come up with a brilliant blog post idea that a blogger will find very difficult to reject – Every time!
  • How to make sure your blog post is accepted before you write it. This trick alone will save you dozens of hours of work and make sure that you only work with bloggers that will publish your articles.
  • The easy and simple way to write blog post headlines that will mesmerize the blog’s readers and almost force them to read
  • How to write kick-ass blog post!
  • And much more…

By now you’re probably asking yourself how much you’ll need to invest for this training…

Would You Invest $117 to Make Your Book a Consistent Best Seller?

For a limited time the cost of the entire training is just $117.

Ridiculously low.


For a few, very good reasons:

  • We believe every author who wants to succeed should have the tools to do so even if they’re broke. This is why we’re practically giving away this training even though similar programs in the market sell for upwards of $1000…
  • We also have SERVICES for authors, and hope a very small percentage of those who purchase this training will choose to use them. Making this training available for a very low price helps us find those authors who are willing to embrace and make the most out of our marketing philosophy…and those are the clients we love to work with! (But there’s absolutely NO obligation…your $117 purchase today is all you’re committing to)
  • Finally, we also have other PRODUCTS for authors. And once you use this one to get a flood of sales, reviews and subscribers, we think it’s a pretty darn good bet you’ll want to know what else we offer! (Again, NO obligation whatsoever).

For all the reasons above, we’re offering the ‘Author Marketing Fast Track’ training for less than one tenth of it’s true value.

What’s included in this package?

Nine Best Seller Training Videos – These videos are between 30-60 minute long and explain in detail (with real world examples) the step by step process you need to follow in order to implement the ‘Author Marketing Fast Track’ system for your book. Generate a flood of reviews, subscribers, and sales!

The Module Resource Areas – The resource area for each module contains countless resources that we developed to ensure you can implement each module with great ease. We invested so much time into developing the resources that in some cases it took us 3 times as much to create the resources as it did the main video. You’ll find EVERYTHING you need to implement the system in the resource area and this includes:

  • Email templates
  • Cover Templates
  • Worksheets (for almost every module)
  • Recorded how to videos
  • Work-plans
  • And much more

upgradeThe Four Tools We Personally Use to
Create Our Automated Content Upgrade
and Review Generation Machine:

Need we say more?

You Also Get a DOUBLE “You’ll Love It” Money Back Guarantee

Guarantee #1 – If for any reason (or no reason at all) you think the ‘Author Marketing Fast Track’ system isn’t the best $117 you’ve ever spent just send an email to support@bestsellerwebsites.com and we’ll gladly refund the whole $117.

Guarantee #2 – If you actually DO what we recommend you do in the system and you’re unhappy with your results, we’ll write you ANOTHER check from our own pockets for ANOTHER $117. That means we would have refunded TWICE your money. (We do ask you give it an honest effort, and send us a note at the above address documenting exactly what you did.)

Is that fair or what!?

But This Offer is Only Valid for a Limited Time!

I can’t stress enough that Time is Very Much “Of the Essence!”

While the price on this training program will probably be below $1000 forever, it’s unlikely to remain at $117 for very long. We’re starting VERY low during the program’s introductory period. And we want the most responsive, action-taking customers to be able to get in at this rate. But… we plan to raise it, once we reach critical mass. So if you’re even a little interested, please get in TODAY! (And remember, you have a 100% money back guarantee AND you can get DOUBLE your money back if you actually implement what we recommend and it doesn’t work for you)

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Author Marketing Fast Track
I understand that the ‘Author Marketing Fast Track’ training is primarily geared towards non-fiction authors and that while several of its modules apply to all types of authors, some of the modules apply only to non-fiction authors.

chessie“I found a cure for ignorance…”

Chessie Roberts, Author

“Evolving into self; From the Puppet to the Master”

My book is based on health-improvement system that I created to get myself out of the wheel chair and off schedule 2 narcotics …

When I first heard about your training… my knee jerk reaction was … OMG… What is this going to cost me in the long run?

But, I listened to the video … Oh my gosh there is so much information.

I wish that I had known it when I published my book in the first place.

You see… my book has been out for three years and I think I made $15.

The person who put it out for me didn’t do what I expected them to do and kind of dropped the ball in my lap and I’ve been floundering ever since.

I’ve made so many mistakes

Silly me I just thought you write the book… but I found out that there’s so much more to book marketing. It is a huge learning curve for me and I think it is for a lot of people.

There’s so much wonderful information in the presentation and I see now that I’ve made so many mistakes out of ignorance and ignorance can be cured so I’m not going to beat myself up over it.

I’d especially recommend this training to new people who don’t know what they are doing.

I really like that you do it step-by-step and I love the ‘eating the elephant’ thing. That’s something that I use with my students all of the time.

WARNING:You Will Make Mistakes

A person who represents themselves in court has a FOOL for a client. And we both know people who don’t read instructions tend to SCREW things up. If you don’t get the right assistance and help BEFORE you try to forge your path you’ll very likely wind up wasting a LOT of time, energy and money which we could easily have saved you. (As a matter of fact, we could’ve saved many of the authors who’ve come to us for help THOUSANDS of dollars and years of pain if they would have consulted us earlier)

Now I think you’d have to agree given everything that’s gone into this training, the double “you’ll love it” guarantee, and the fact it’s only $117… It’d be pretty dumb not to grab it! Why suffer on your own trying to find the right path when you can leverage our decades of experience?

This $117 training may be the only thing standing between you and becoming a well-known (and well-paid) author.

After all… what if we’re right?

Author Marketing Fast Track
I understand that the ‘Author Marketing Fast Track’ training is primarily geared towards non-fiction authors and that while several of its modules apply to all types of authors, some of the modules apply only to non-fiction authors.

Can we really help you become a widely read, extremely well-known author?

YoavEzez_03Over the last couple of years we’ve worked with a LOT of authors.

For some, we’ve helped increase sales by coming up with a unique and powerful new name for their book …

Or by creating a compelling and intriguing book description that sells …

For others we’ve built entire websites and marketing campaigns.

We love helping authors shatter the anonymity barrier and get the acknowledgement and success they deserve.

And with a combined background of more than 30 years of marketing experience, marketing information products, books and coaching services, we believe that we’re the right team for the job.

Our team’s work has been seen in:


Author Marketing Fast Track